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Step by step procedure

Main Platform

Step 1: Type in URL – library.jmc.edu.ph

Step 2: Type your ID Number for User ID

            PASSWORD: JMC2021 (You can reset password for your own password)


Step 3: In the upper right corner, there are ICONS with different functions.

  •        Home
  •        Learning Experience – this can be a virtual classroom
  •        Notification – notify the user for borrowed books, letters, etc.
  •        User-Area – With your name initials. Contain the following functions:

o   Checkouts – can view the current borrowed e-resources

o   Holds – can view the holds e-resources

o   Favorites – can view favorites e-resources

o   My List – can view all chosen e-resources for list

o   Purchase Suggestions – allow the users to choose, suggest and purchase e-resources

o   Checkout History – can view the previous e-resources borrowed but already returned from the start of access.

o   Searches – can view the previous search

o   Challenges – can create a challenge for e-resources

o   Device Management – allows the user to use six devices in one account

o   Learning Experiences

o   Account – can view the details about the user.

  •       Help
  •      Search 

Step 3: When you click the search, this will appear. You can click the search again in the upper-right corner to see the complete e-resources. The user can view the Authors and Publishers.

Step 4: By typing the searched subject, you can view the complete e-resources related to the subject. 

Step 5: When the user choose the e-resources, the user can click preview and borrow. Below the title, the user can view the share, list, favorite and rate up to five star the e-resources. The preview is the summary of particular e-resources. The user can also borrow the e-resources. 

Step 6: When the user already borrowed the e-resources, the user can read and view the e-resources with option. Upon clicking the read, the two options will appear: read in nubereader and download for Adobe Digital Editions. The return can also click if the user want to return the e-resources. The students can borrow up to 7 e-resources. The faculty can borrow up to 15 e-resources. Good for 21 days. There will be no fines. The e-resources will automatically return after 21 days.

  •        Read in nube reader – you can read online the e-resources
  •         Download for Adobe Digital Editions – the user must download first the Adobe Digital editions then the user can download and can read the e-resources anywhere.
Log in to your account: Log in with Google

If you do not have a Google account, but do have a local account, you can still log in:


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